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As a company with a long tradition in German engineering, we have concentrated on the development and production of thermal cutting machines for over 100 years. Experience that means a low level of investment risk for our customers.

This historical extract shows Messer was the inventor of oxyfuel technology and a pioneer in electric welding. The company made important contributions to the development of process technology. It emerged from a small engineering company to a global innovative products and consultancy company.

Foundation of Adolf Messer GmbH - Adolf Messer founds a small business in Frankfurt-Hoechst focusing on the production of acetylene generators and acetylene lightning plants.


Invention of the first oxyfuel cutting torch. Increasing demand for torches and accessories for oxyfuel products leads to the introduction of the trade name 'Original Messer' in 1908.


Messer & Co. GmbH move into US market


Extension of product portfolio - Adolf Messer GmbH extends its existing product portfolio by producing first electric welding equipment as well as welding electrodes and large cutting machines for shipyards.


Production of arc welding electrodes


Geographic Expansion - In 1953, the Adolf Messer GmbH opens office in New York. Branches in Belgium, Denmark, France, Mexico and Switzerland. Adolf Messer GmbH and Knapsack Griesheim AG merge to Messer Griesheim GmbH. A 1/3 participation remains with the Messer family.

1950s - 1965

First CNC and laser cutting system on the market


Founding of the production and sales units in Menomonee Falls, USA


Formation of Messer Cutting & Welding Co. Ltd., (Kunshan), China


Sale of Messer Cutting & Welding AG - Hoechst AG sells its 2/3 stake in Messer Cutting & Welding AG, which is in 2000 renamed Messer Cutting & Welding GmbH, to Messer Industrie GmbH, a holding company of the Messer family, thus making the Messer family again the sole shareholder.


Merger of the Castolin + Eutectic Group and Messer Cutting & Welding AG under the leadership of The Carlyle group and formation of MEC Holding GmbH.


Messer Industrie Holding GmbH purchases the shares in MEC Holding GmbH from The Carlyle Group


New plant in China: first phase of the construction completed


Messer Cutting Systems starts off manufacturing in Brazil


Foundation of software company "Messer Soft"

Formation of manufacturing site Messer Cutting Systems India

Completion of the second construction phase of plant in China


New headquarter of Messer Group in Bad Soden


Foundation of Messer Cutting Systems Academy


Messer Cutting Systems India builds own plant


Second construction phase of the plant in China completed