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Dialogue at eye level

Our customers are very satisfied using our products and services. Many of them already for a long time. When you buy a Messer Cutting Systems, you are buying into a strong and reliable partnership. In communication with our customers we ask the right questions, listen and understand. That enables us to look beyond and anticipate our customers’ future needs.

“When Messer came to visit me, I said, ‘I’ll tell you what. You make me an ellipse, and you send it to me and we’ll schedule the next meeting from there.’ It took about a week, and I got one. It was extraordinary. I’d never seen a company that could do one. Eventually, when we bought [the machine], I went to Messer in Wisconsin and I talked to the guy who created the ellipse. He said, ‘You know a lot about beveling,’ and I said, ‘Well, a pretty good bit,’ and he replied, ‘You must because that was one of the hardest bevels I’ve ever had to make.’”

David Becker, Panel Line Coordinator,
North American Shipbuilding,
part of the Edison Chouest Offshore family of companies,
Larose, USA

“We absolutely recommend Messer Cutting Systems burning machines. We have two of them: TMC with 8 ALFA torches and a MPC with 2 Hi Def plasma torches. We chose the Messer machines for their ALFA torches, which provide superior cut quality and are much faster than any other oxyfuel torches, and for Virtual Service. We have really increased our capacity and speed with our Messer machines.”

Pat Tulley, Vice President & General Manager
Liebovich Steel & Aluminum Company
Cedar Rapids, USA

”We are completely satisfied with what is in the meantime our second Messer machine: The good consultancy, cooperation and fast order processing for the upgrade from Messer all ran perfectly. The results not only satisfied our requirements and expectations but actually significantly exceeded them. The fact that we did not have one single complaint with the roughly 200 ton order for about 7,500 plates speaks volumes for the high quality we achieved with the machine upgrade.“

Ralf Siebert, Development of thermal cutting
Spinner GmbH
Renchen, Germany

“We needed an economical, and above all a quick, solution. So we turned to our old trusted and reliable supplier, Messer Cutting Systems – who promptly came up with an ideal solution! For us, the Messer Fiber Laser was the right solution to bring our cutting machine right up to the latest state of the art. Thanks to the sensationally low maintenance intervals, the high cutting speed and optimum quality we will also save costs in the long run!”

Siegfried Uhle, General Manager
Thyrolf & Uhle GmbH
Cedar Rapids, USA