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Responsibility for employees and society

Messer Cutting Systems is a commercial enterprise whose primary goal must be to achieve sustainable success – a prerequisite for safeguarding the jobs of our employees. But growth and sales figures are not the be all and end all for us. Our name also stands for commitment, humanity and trust. This is reflected in our multi-faceted social commitment.

We are involved in social or environmental projects, whether by donating money or goods to social institutions, schools or hospitals, by taking part in action days or by sponsoring projects. There is a great variety of initiatives, each tailored to the needs of the country in question.

At Messer Cutting Systems China, the social culture is fostered in a very special way: with a “Children’s Day”, which has become a tradition yet. The management invites the entire workforce and their children to the plant every year to take part in games and sports competitions, thereby strengthening the sense of community. The lively participation and positive feedback from the staff speaks for itself.

Messer Cutting Systems Brazil supports the “JCC – Jovens Construindo a Cidadania” project (“Young people will shape the society of tomorrow”), a youth project that is being carried out by the police in cooperation with local companies. The aim is to help young people from poorer quarters to make the transition from school to work, to develop their talents and integrate them socially in order to steer them away from a life of violence and drugs. The project has been a success, as the example of Erick de Paulo Carvalho shows: the 20-year-old has been working at Messer Cutting Systems do Brazil for two-and-a-half years. He owes his job to the JCC project. Erick is grateful for this opportunity and knows that he has found a good job with an international company that is investing in him.

At Messer Cutting Systems India, the employees take part in one-week yoga courses – after work of course – in order to boost their fitness and concentration levels. The Ayudha-Puja Festival is also celebrated together as a family day. “Puja” is a Hindu festival in which the implements and machines that are used in everyday work are venerated as divine objects in an expression of gratitude for their daily work and for the personal reward they bring. While the grown-ups play board games and take part in English language competitions, the children’s activities include dancing, music and conjuring tricks.

Children´s Day

Children´s Day

Yoga courses