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Valuable experience for experts

Larvik, Norway. - A new training course on expert implementation and integration of MesserSoft OmniWin took place at iTec's head office in collaboration with Messer Cutting Systems Academy.

From 6th to 10th of May, iTec held the training course “Expert Implementation and Integration of MesserSoft OmniWin”. This was a five-day course at an advanced level, and was an important competency boost for those who are already familiar with and use OmniWin for their daily work.

Robin Wukits, CAD / CAM Support Specialist from Messer and Service Technician Magnus Grimsland from iTec were responsible for training the seven external participants, as well as a few employees from iTec. All of the external participants represent a selection of iTec's top customers.

Throughout the course, basic functions for nesting with all functions, process optimization and reporting were reviewed. There was also a demo of the new OmniFab 2018, a premiere connectivity and productivity software from MesserSoft. The trainer went deep into the subject and provided a thorough insight into the possibilities of the software. Limitations here are often set by the operator and the needs and work space of each company.

In times of increasing competitive pressure, it is critical to invest in raising the competence of the employees. “The goal is not only for the machines to produce, but also for the employees to work as efficiently as possible”, says Technical Manager at iTec Ole Pavljuk. “Those who create the workload for the machines must possess the right knowledge about nesting and process optimization.”

In addition to learning about the many possibilities that lie in the software, there was particular interest in documentation and reporting. Dag Seland from Nymo AS comments, that he was initially skeptical about going over to new software, but after 3-4 weeks of testing could not ever go back! “It is one of the most important things that I take with me from the course”, says Jone Sirevåg from Aker Egersund. He is going to look back at the sharing of experiences between the participants as extra valuable.

The course participants received documentation and course certificates from the Messer Academy after completing the training. For Messer Academy, the positive feedback from the participants for this new type of advanced education is very important. “This is an extra offer for our valued customers and partners”, says Wukits. “We conduct such courses on request, get customers together and focus on a Value Add beyond the standard software features and training”.

Participants and trainer of the training course “Expert Implementation and Integration of MesserSoft OmniWin” in Larvik.


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