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Certifications of Quality

Over our long history, we worked hard on product, services and company quality. The gratification for our efforts results in a number of certificates in different areas.

Our certifications refer to the confirmation of certain characteristics provided by external reviews, assessments and audits. In order to earn such certification marks, we turn over our entire process standards to the certification organization, including all information necessary on product and company.

Products and organization passed performance tests and quality assurance tests especially in sensitive product areas where a failure could have serious consequences. Since they often need periodic recertification, certificates confirm the highest level of performance of both, the factory and its products. They give customers the confidence to trust an honored company. Continuing compliance with a quality management system such as ISO 9000 is a matter of course.

Please have a look at the extract of our quality marks in the gallery.

Schneidforum, Germany
D & B, Germany
D & B, Germany
Hi-tech Product, China
Hi-tech Company, China
ISO 9001, China
ISO 9001, Brasil
SQS ISO9001 Germany
SQS ISO9001 Germany
IQNet ISO9001 Germany
IQNet ISO9001 Germany