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Messer Group publishes Annual Report 2017 including MEC Figures

GroƟ-Umstadt, Germany. - Messer published its annual report for 2017. Messer Cutting Systems with positive results.

Messer Cutting Systems has been developing and producing machines for cutting steel for over 100 years. Our machines are needed whenever thick material must be cut and we are seeing promising potential for a continued expansion of our business activities. There is a positive interplay between the globally produced volume of thick steel and the capacity utilisation of our customers. An increased output of steel and steel products will have a positive impact on our markets. There is also a clear connection between the replacement and spare parts business with the steel processing industry. Here, too, a higher steel production level makes a positive contribution to our markets.  

After years of stagnating investment activities by their customers,  Messer Cutting Systems  were able to book a satisfactory order intake in almost all relevant markets. While our business activities are still being hindered by economic sanctions, we succeeded in gaining new customers and markets, not least because of new products and services. We have started a strategic investment initiative with a goal to further increase harmonisation of the product portfolio and our internal business processes.

The Messer Cutting Systems business unit was able to increase sales over the previous year by 4.4 %. We are also pleased to report that the company has been able to extend their share of sales in all relevant markets compared to the year before.

Laser-cutting of steel is still quite new and, compared to the traditional oxyfuel or plasma cutting methods, will continue to gain importance in future as. The development of fibre laser cutting machines has, seen from the customer’s point of view, significantly decreased investment costs for laser-cut sheet metal. This technological development opens new market segments to us.

The ongoing automation in our customers’ plants makes it possible for our machines to be increasingly connected to automated material logistics systems. Automated and autonomous machines bring considerable efficiency gains to our customers in terms of cost saving potential.This trend allows us to widen our product range geared towards processes upstream and downstream from cutting. Electronically linking all these processes, often also labelled as “Industry 4.0” enables our customers to centrally control, monitor and optimise their production. This will lead to consequences for software and networking which in turn will continue to change our industry in the years to come. Ongoing digitalisation has created an increasing interconnection between previously separate value chains.  We are already embracing this development as an opportunity and  successfully implementing it in our Group. Innovations and enhancement of existing products are among the core drivers for success in safeguarding our market position.   

Our global position, our production locations on five continents and our established product lines are the pillars of our position as the market leader. Messer Cutting Systems has production plants in Germany (headquarters), USA, Brazil, India and China. All our production sites operate with state-of-the-art technology. Extending our product lines by adding a wide range of smaller machines will enable us to address new potential customers for our products. 

Corporate Responsibility and Management Report

Once again this year, Messer is publishing its annual report both in printed form and on the Internet. As of now, the online annual report will be available at the following address: 

At its homepage, the industrial gases manufacturer makes all of its annual reports – from 1964 to the present – available for download. Sketches of the economic environment, written by historian Dr Jörg Lesczenski, complement the more than 50-year business history of Messer.

For the printed version of the 2017 annual report, please send a brief e-mail to


Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of cutting edge technology. The company offers products and services for the metalworking industry which set standards world-wide. As market leader in its branch, the machine manufacturer supplies complete solutions and concentrates strategically on advising its customers and customer oriented innovation. Here, the company focusses on the digitalisation of processes and products. Messer Cutting Systems is represented with more than 800 employees in 5 main locations with production facilities and in more than 50 countries.

The product range includes oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting systems from hand guided machines right up to special machines for shipbuilding as well as machines and equipment for oxyfuel welding, cutting, brazing, soldering and heating. Spare parts, repairs, modernisation, maintenance and service as well as environmental technology round out the product portfolio. In-house software solutions optimise production and business processes. The product range is extended by solutions from technology partners, for example in the field of automation.

An intensive dialogue with our customers has prime position – the modern training centre makes this claim clear. World-wide, Messer Cutting Systems is the partner of choice for cutting systems, oxyfuel technology and customer consultancy.