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It is about productivity. Through more automation, transparency und availability.

Hannover, Germany. - On this year’s EuroBLECH, Messer Cutting Systems will be concentrating on the subject of productivity. Whether machine, service or software – the machine manufacturer will be showing how productivity in your organisation can be improved through automation, transparency and availability.


New High Performance Cutting Machine MetalMaster Xcel

Messer Cutting Systems are proud to announce their new high performance cutting machine, the MetalMaster Xcel. With fast process cycles, high acceleration and even better cutting quality and accuracy through smooth guidance from the helical gearing and linear guides, the MetalMaster Xcel is the machine of choice for all who want to produce quality, economical cuts. The savings from higher quality cuts (reducing finishing work) and faster production cycles ensures that the MetalMaster Xcel will pay for itself in a very short time. Options for the new MetalMaster Xcel include the new plasma bevel cutting unit Bevel-R with the latest plasma systems as well as fibre laser cutting which can be combined with plasma cutting not only on one plan but in one part (e.g. internal precision cuts with laser, less critical cuts with plasma for higher cutting speeds). The cutting processes, plasma and fibre laser, can also be complemented by optional marking processes. A conveyor belt table with integrated machine track to ensure easy access for loading and unloading and a belt feeder to remove small parts and slag saves auxiliary operating times further increasing productivity.

Bevel-R™: compact plasma bevel unit with 5 axles

Messer Cutting Systems Bevel-R™ can accurately cut bevel profiles (non-vertical) on almost any contour. When programmed to cut at bevel angle, the angle offset, compensation and feed rate are controlled by the same NC part programs, while other parameters are input by a database. The system is used to create contour bevels of V, X or Y for weld-preparation surfaces or for active cutting edges like on earth engagement tools. Bevel and land edge configurations can be created via multiple passes.



Integration of software, cutting machine and ERP into business processes

With our new software product family OmniFab® we offer a modular solution connecting all systems to increase productivity and enable the automated document exchange in order management and work preparation. The Factory Data Capture module enables flow of all shop floor information from production back into the ERP system and production management. The module Machine Insight automatically collects all important data from your Messer cutting machine during production and enables the monitoring of machines and the analysis of operational key figures like equipment effectiveness.



Design, nesting, bevel cutting

OmniWin 2018 combines the highest technical flexibility with fast, efficient operation. The integrated working operations of CAD, import and nesting for vertical and beveled parts optimise the working process. Our experts will demonstrate the new functions, including the 3D import for SolidWorks, 3D import for AutoCAD Inventor, quick swapping of the sheet in nesting plan, editing DXF contours during import or copying of nesting plans. Further highlight is the pre-calculation with LogiCal and OmniWin in perfect interaction..



360° Service

With the Original Messer Service Support we ensure maximum availability of your system and thus an important part of your business success. Our 360° service concept offers you Service Level Agreements, which you can match individually and flexibly to your needs: For a fixed price, for a fixed duration. Further Highlights: Online analysis on demand - With the maintenance manager and the data glasses we guarantee faster reaction times as well as efficient and targeted error analyses for faster availability of the system.



eLearning – learn in your own time at your own pace

Conventional face to face training is, without doubt, highly effective, but at the same time it does involve high costs for our customers both in terms of time and money. The MCS Academy is currently working on building up an eLearning Platform, which can be accessed at any time of day or night in multiple languages to complement our current range of face to face workshops. The key phrase in this context is “new learning methods”, Edutainment, which means the entertaining preparation of learning material and the new topics Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. With this pathfinding concept the Messer Cutting Systems Academy emphasizes the central value of training and continued education at Messer Cutting Systems. Interested customers will see a preview of the eLearning courses at the booth.

Picture captions
Pic 1: The new MetalMaster Xcel can perform plasma and laser cutting with the highest precision and speed. Plasma bevel cutting can optionally be equipped.
Pic 2: The new Plasma Bevel Unit Bevel-R.
Pic 3: OmniFab® 2018 is the Software suite, which offer companies in cutting and burning a suitable solution for their order based production.
Pic 4: OmniWin 2018: intuitive processing of even complex 3D geometries.
Pic 5: With the maintenance manager we guarantee faster reaction times as well as efficient and targeted error analyses for faster availability of the system.
Pic 6: eLearning courses for self-study - learn in your own time at your own pace


Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of cutting edge technology. The company offers products and services for the metalworking industry which set standards world-wide. As market leader in its branch, the machine manufacturer supplies complete solutions and concentrates strategically on advising its customers and customer oriented innovation. Here, the company focusses on the digitalisation of processes and products. Messer Cutting Systems is represented with more than 800 employees in 5 main locations with production facilities and in more than 50 countries.

The product range includes oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting systems from hand guided machines right up to special machines for shipbuilding as well as machines and equipment for oxyfuel welding, cutting, brazing, soldering and heating. Spare parts, repairs, modernisation, maintenance and service as well as environmental technology round out the product portfolio. In-house software solutions optimise production and business processes. The product range is extended by solutions from technology partners, for example in the field of automation.

An intensive dialogue with our customers has prime position – the modern training centre makes this claim clear. World-wide, Messer Cutting Systems is the partner of choice for cutting systems, oxyfuel technology and customer consultancy.