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An Important Issue in Cutting

For us there are many reasons why we care about environment protection. It is our aim to protect operators from poison fumes, noise, glare and physical injures. We want to protect the environment from exaggerated emission and hazardous water disposal. We care for the Earth by having less energy consumption. At the same time it means saving workshop space and help our customers to have efficient work process and material flow.

During the cutting process different environmental issues occur. When cutting with Oxyfuel you need to take into account the energy consumption, heat, fume, some noise and glare. Cutting with Plasma means additional hazardous water when cutting underwater. Laser cutting process is one the most efficient and most protective processes. You need less energy because of the high energy efficiency especially when using the fiber laser process. And in addition less noise.

Besides that, you have to think about disposal of poisonous fumes, dust, water and materials to be cut. Some materials like aluminum may generate dangerous dust and gas during plasma cutting.

For the safety of your personnel you have to take into account pierce splatter during piercing, plasma noise, plasma glare, laser beam and poisonous fumes.

Our engineers are constantly looking for new ideas to improve working conditions. Plasma noise reduction becomes more and more important as well as a full glare/beam protection for operators. Modern material handling systems will help to care for the environment. Proactive plasma noise protection devices, automatic scrap processing systems or ‘green’ cutting systems of less energy consumption are some, just to name a few.