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Experts for processes

Communication and new ideas are the key to constant improvement and optimized service to our customers. Through our Global Teams, we deliver world-class technology, service, fulfillment and quality on a worldwide basis, providing productivity solutions for all metal processing needs.

Our Global Teams work with methods and techniques to successfully organize and execute projects concerning important business topics like supply chain management, customer support, product design, fabrication, sales and marketing. Activities result in success stories like the improvement of intra-company transactions, a pilot program to provide state-of-the-art customer support, common global guidelines for machine designs, sharing best practices in all locations, enhanced global sales processes and providing a professional and consistent modern market appearance.

All team members are experts in their profession. They have long-time experience in our industry, most as long-term employees of Messer Cutting Systems.

They received professional training in Project Management and are responsible for significant company activities. Most of them have a College degree or university training as engineers.