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At Messer Cutting Systems we are not only aware of environmental aspects. We think ahead to protect you, your staff and the environment.  The Research & Development Department constantly seeks for new technologies to protect the environment.

Therefore our cutting tables are designed to provide operator-friendly and environment friendly working conditions: height, small parts collection, easy support slat exchange, easy slag remove and many more.

We developed efficient fume collection systems with qualified emission level and less energy consumption. They stand out for qualified emission, enough extraction, easy and less maintenance. Our safety devices are known for protecting operators: sensors, torch hood, operator platform/cabin protect them from injuries. At the same time our systems are economic competitive.

Many of our ideas are built into our products today like auto-shutdown gas safety devices, different cutting table designs to meet different economic and environmental needs like water tables, dry table with slam doors, dry table with belt tunnel or conveyor table. They serve for better working environment and save space and energy.